What We Do

We are a nurse and woman-owned leadership development, coaching, and consulting firm that is committed to a future in healthcare where nurse leaders are poised to inspire action to improve patient outcomes, lead high-performance teams, and innovate new care delivery models.

Developed and influenced by our own experiences working as front line clinical and executive leaders, our services are designed to address different stages of experience and the challenges inherently faced by clinical healthcare leaders and by health care organizations.

We offer:

Inspire - Lead - Innovate

Our mission at Canopy Consultants is to develop current and emerging leaders who inspire, lead, and innovate solutions in dynamic healthcare environments.

We believe these three elements are paramount for any successful healthcare leader and working with us will help you develop or deepen your practice in each area.

INSPIRE Companies, like Google and Amazon, that have been on the forefront of leading technical advances in other industries are eager to move into the healthcare space and ‘transform’ care- rapidly learning the complexities and human elements of healthcare systems are not so easily changed. Additionally, the United States government has put regulatory requirements in place to ensure healthcare advances at the speed of science - the 21st Century Cures Act being one example. As the necessity for change is growing due to increased market competition and regulatory requirements, the reality is that care is provided by humans. Today's hospital executives and senior leaders understand this and will be looking for leaders that can inspire change. Canopy Consultants will help you be the type of leader that can implement visionary change, a leader who can inspire.

LEAD Healthcare leaders and the workforce in general, particularly nurses, are reaching retirement at a pace that outstrips the rate of those entering the workforce (AMN RN Survey- 2019). The change in demographics and lack of internal succession plans is creating leadership transitions, knowledge gaps, and experience chasms at a time when consistency, rapid decision making and ability to lead through chaos and ambiguity is crucial. Investing in the development of nurse leaders is a proven strategy for protecting against burn-out and a necessary step in shaping nurse leaders of tomorrow, and by extension, the future of healthcare. Canopy Consultants leader development courses and coaching ensure that you and your team are ready to lead.

INNOVATE Creating agile organizations that can keep up with the speed of innovation while balancing what employees are expecting from their organizations (feeling valued, a sense of autonomy, clear purpose and personal mastery) is a challenge leaders must meet. Leaders must be able to strike the balance between creating environments that are capable of rapid changes while maintaining and improving workplace satisfaction. Canopy Consultants will help you develop the skills needed to be the type of leader that can innovate.

Our Approach

Our approach is grounded in the understanding that healthcare executives and front-line leaders are busier than ever.

  • We provide our services via a high-value, low-time commitment approach, in awareness that the need for turnaround is rapid.

  • We keep our time between engagement, assessment and start of work minimized.

  • Our co-founders, Stacy & Sara, provide the services offered to clients themselves- no need to work with recruiters or client account representatives.

  • Our relationship with our clients is our motivator and we aim to create a partnership where we understand your unique needs and minimize the effort required to engage and utilize our services.

Our leadership development courses can be tailored to suit you or your teams' needs. We offer half and full day courses as well as bundled series to be as dynamic and flexible as your team. Our courses can be offered as stand alone offerings or folded into leadership retreats and strategic planning sessions.

Our coaching methodology is a strength based model. Derived and built from the teachings and coaching style of Mary J. Connaughton, RN, MS, Principal of Connaughton Consulting who provided coaching services to nurse leaders and nurse executives in the worlds best and most recognized academic medical centers and health institutions for over two decades.

Our consulting services are paired with our commitment to provide growth to leaders. It is our goal to leave you and your team in full understanding of the process and approach we use - so that you can apply our approach to future or similar problems. We don't believe in making you dependent on our services for the same problem more than once.

We work with individuals and organizations.

We would love to learn more about your needs and how we can help. Contact us today!