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Canopy Consultants works with you to develop your talent, support your leaders, and accelerate your progress. 

We work with individuals and organizations and would love to learn more about your needs.  

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Designed to meet the development needs of leaders along the continuum of emerging to expert.  

Each instructor-led course incorporates skill practice and small group coaching for deep learning and immediate application to practice.  Courses can be customized for retreats and team-building events.

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Strength-based coaching, by certified coaches, is offered in weekly sessions for individuals or teams.  

Customizable packages that build upon leadership development courses or consulting services are available.

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Maintain forward momentum during leadership transitions and when faced with limited bandwidth. Consulting services include: 

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The Value You Get

Provide your leaders with application-based leader development and consulting services grounded in adult learner theory and modeled off AONL core competencies.  We create actionable connections between the leader's responsibility to influence and the skills they need to perform in complex healthcare work environments.  

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