Leadership Development Courses

Our instructor-led leadership development courses are uniquely designed to meet the needs of leaders along the continuum of experience from emerging to expert. We create time for reflection and use participant-driven learning coupled with application-oriented instruction and skill practice.

Our single-day or four-session series provide shared language across organizational levels and are complementary to internal development offerings.

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Emerging Leaders- 8 hour course

You're Willing to Lead is a time-tested and proven program for emerging leaders that teaches powerful principles and practical skills for effective communication and conflict management.

This 8-hour course is for health care leaders in non-managerial roles (charge nurse, resource nurse, attending nurses, flow managers). Originally offered by Mary J. Connaughton, RN, MS, Principal of Connaughton Consulting, the content, sought after for decades, has been updated to ensure applicability and relevance to today’s practice environment.

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Experienced Leaders- 8 hour course

Establishing Your Leadership Presence is a tailored program for those new to formal leadership roles and establishing their presence as a leader. Knowing today’s clinical leaders face high expectations to deliver quality practice and efficient clinical operations, participants will find this 8-hour course invaluable.

This program targets those who have assumed formal leadership roles in either managerial or non-managerial capacities (e.g. nurse manager, nurse director, clinical specialist, nurse practice specialists, nurse educators, APP directors, and team leads).

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Experienced Leaders- Unit-focused development series

Deepening Your Leadership Practice is specially designed with nurse leaders in mind. This progressive leadership development program is for clinical leaders looking to take their leadership practice to the next level.

The perfect program for leaders that want to augment organizational onboarding and focus on enhancing leadership skills. The target audience for this four-part series is formal leaders with at least 6 months in their roles (e.g. nurse manager, nurse director, clinical specialist, nurse practice specialists, APP directors).

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Advanced Leaders- Organization-focused development series

Expanding Your Leadership Influence is a uniquely designed four-part advanced program for healthcare leaders who are established in their leadership practice with high potential for advancement and growth.

Experienced leaders (e.g. nurse manager, nurse director, clinical specialist, nurse practice specialists, APP directors) will love the opportunity this series provides for deep reflection, targeted skill elevation, and practice to influence beyond the unit-level to the service line or organizational level.

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