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Academic Medical Centers:  

Massachusetts General Hospital, a Harvard-Affiliated Teaching Hospital 

Community Hospitals: 

Beth Israel Deaconess Milton

South Shore Hospital  

Ambulatory Care:  

Matter Health  

Institutes of Higher Education: 

University of Wisconsin-Madison, School of Nursing

University of Maryland, School of Nursing

Instructor Led Leadership Development Courses

Emerging Leaders Course

Jenn Mills MSN, RN NE-BC Nursing Director

We were fortunate to send three nurses to "You're Willing to Lead". All have shared how great the program was, they appreciated Stacy and Sara's experience, they could certainly relate to the communication challenges that we see frequently with rotating teams and novice clinicians. I have two additional staff attending the next session and hope there will be additional opportunities in the future.

Lauren Vaughn RN- Attendee

I really enjoyed being in a smaller group rather than a large group. Although we had quite a few nurses it was not a big overwhelming crowd. I felt comfortable speaking openly and honestly. I really like the breakout session as well. I learned so much about my peers and it was refreshing to see that they deal with some of the exact issues we deal with, whether it was a med surg RN, ICU RN or an Attending RN.

What stuck out the most was the topic of emotional neutrality and that is something will continue to work on- the class gave me the tools to be successful with that. Also gaining perspective was a huge factor for me and choosing the best way to approach a challenging situation. I will use these tools every day I work!

I hope you guys at Canopy Consultants will host another class at some point- I would love to take it!

Experienced Leader Course

Clinical Specialist- Attendee

Thank you Stacy and Sara for the workshop...I just wanted to let you know that when I went back to work yesterday afternoon, I was able to have the conversation about my 'leadership problem' with my manager. I think she probably also sensed that we needed to have the conversation too as we were able to talk about some other things too. It was GREAT!! I left yesterday feeling much better clarity about my role and her vision for my job share and a plan moving forward.  She really did see my perspective.  It really made me feel so much better and more empowered. I think the tools that you gave me over the course contributed to this positive outcome. 

Leadership Development Series

Experienced Nurse Director- Attendee

I thought the first two sessions were excellent and far exceeded my expectations.  I have been in a leadership role for the better part of 30 years, and I still felt that the information was very relevant.  Stacy and Sara are excellent facilitators, and they offer very helpful suggestions.  The content is presented in a format that makes it easily understandable, and it builds upon itself to continually connect theory to practice.  The group exercises are done in a way that made them enjoyable and very helpful to solving or working on real issues that we are dealing with. 

And, not related to the classes themselves, is the fact that I really enjoyed meeting my colleagues.  I have seen all of them in so many meetings, but I have never met any of them in person.  This has been a very nice bonus!

Novice Nurse Director- Attendee

Outstanding sessions with great content. Facilitation by Sara and Stacy added so much, as they have “been in it” (understand our organization, Nurse Director role and challenges we talk about). Also really enjoyed connection with my colleagues-  validating to see they have similar issues/concerns and I am not alone. The opportunity to strengthen relationships with fellow Nurse Directors is a huge plus.


Lucia Kelleher MSN, MBA, RN, NE-BC 

Nurse Manager

Having Stacy as a coach was both eye-opening and empowering. She helped me identify skills I wanted to work on while also helping me identify my strengths, and was able to help me rely on these strengths to handle difficult situations. Stacy was patient, intentional, and supportive throughout my coaching sessions. I have changed my own leadership practice because of this experience and hope to be able to mentor my team in a similar way. Thank you, Canopy Consultants!

Operational Consulting

Mason Mercy

Co-Founder and CEO Matter Health

Working with Sara and Stacy was a delight. As experts in the field, Canopy Consultants helped us to refine our operational processes and create talent acquisition plans to support our growth. Their approach to consulting allowed us to tackle key projects in tandem. They were our partners through every step of a multi-month engagement. As a tech-enabled Primary Care start-up, it was important to us to challenge assumptions about how work is done. Sara and Stacy were trusted advisors for best practices in the clinical setting, and quickly became our sounding board as we envisioned new modes of health care delivery. I highly recommend engaging their services to support growth in your business. We’d be excited to work with Sara and Stacy again! 

Working with Sara & Stacy

Mary J. Connaughton, RN, MS, (Ret.)

Principle and Founder Connaughton Consulting

I have known and worked with Sara & Stacy for over 15 years through numerous leadership workshops and mentoring experiences. They always stood out to me as being extraordinarily intelligent, curious, and thoughtful about leadership: their practice and the practice of those they managed. It was a delight to see them evolve into superior leaders themselves and observe the powerful impact they have had in every role and setting over the years.


I had the privilege of working with Stacy and Sara as they embarked on their Canopy Consultants journey. In addition to my strengths-based coaching framework, I conveyed to them leadership programs based on the cross-cultural research of Dr. Angeles Arrien that were core to my consulting practice. They have designed numerous additional outstanding programs to align with the needs of emerging, novice, and advanced leaders.

As a consultant for over 20 years, I am fully aware of the need for leadership development in every health care role and level. It is very reassuring to see that Stacy and Sara have partnered to form Canopy Consultants. The health care practice and academic communities will be well served by their expertise and wholehearted passion for optimizing the leadership potential in every individual and team. I consider it a blessing to have found such wise and capable leaders to carry on this transformative work.